A Dear Colleague

Dear Lon,

I am very saddened to hear of your Dad's passing, as he was a dear colleague.  I wish your family well through this time of adjustment to his absence. 

Norm was a very special person, who contributed in myriad ways to the development and progress of lipid science, much of which went unrecognized as he helped so many young scientists, such as myself (when we met!), in endless discussions. Norm always gave of his intellect and time in an unselfish (and VERY honest) manner, and for this and his many contributions, he was highly respected in the field. I learned from his uncanny ability to analyze and be critical of the science being presented in whatever format was being offered: he taught me to be equally critical of my own work and that of others. The scientific community has lost a significant member, who will be remembered for his many seminal findings in glyco and sphingolipid biology, and his generous intellect. A part of Norm will always be with me and many of my colleagues.

My best to you and your family.
I hope to join you on Saturday.

Walt Holleran
San Francisco

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