Great Humanitarian Scientist

I only recently learned of your father's passing. Being sentimental by nature, I was deeply touched and felt it would be important to convey my condolences to you and your sister.

I did my post-doc with Norm from June, 1970 to May, 1973. I could spend hours writing an anecdotal history of the many learning opportunities your father provided to me. I'll spare you the details and instead, simply tell you that in contrast to our very different personalities (e.g., I loved football, he loathed football), he was the ideal mentor - always respectful, thoughtful, thought provoking, humorous, and kind. His penetrating questions were never delivered with sarcasm. If I fumbled for an adequate answer he patiently guided my line of thought. His science was impeccable and intense. His satisfaction in a new idea, or successful experiment was conveyed with enthusiasm. All of this magnified several fold the impact of the smile he gave when his dry wit pulled-off the perfect pun or dicey joke.   

Your dad was the epitome of what I call a great humanitarian scientist.

I trust that you and Laurie find great comfort in knowing that he is profoundly loved and respected by so many.

With sympathy and warmest regards,

David Ullman

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