Memories of a cousin

Dear Lonnie,

 Your dad and sister Ruth were my mother Rose Packman's first cousins. My grandmother Clara Rosengarden and your Grandmother Bertha Radin were sisters along with Becky Stolowitz (Stoll).

I remember some stories about him: His parents let him be scientific in the cellar of their house even though he managed to blow a few things up while working on his experiments.

He came to our house one day when I was little and he brought some clay that he let me play with. It was very pliable. Except that it wasn't clay;  it was plastic explosives.

He played the piano so exquisitely. He heard a piece of music and immediately was able to play it. It was wonderful listening to him. Even more, I remember all his efforts through the years to find a cure for the cancer that killed your mother. Sometimes he would explain it to me and very occasionally I sort of understood.

The last thing he tried to do was to help me find some information about our family on my mother's side which meant your grandmother, also. He sent us a memoir by Nate that was more like a medical history. Poor Nate.

Most importantly, he loved his family.

We would like to make a donation in honor of his life. Did he have a special charity? Where do you live so that we can send the charity the information by which they would inform you.

We are so sorry. We wish you and all your family our deepest condolences.

Phyllis Packman Rudnick

February 11, 2013

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